Looking for something different to do on Sunday 26 November?

Mount Edgcumbe Country Park has been approached by a member of the Flag Officer Sea Training (FOST) team in Plymouth seeking volunteers to take part in an exercise to practice evacuating personnel from beaches at a number of locations around Plymouth; one of the locations selected by FOST’s team is Mount Edgcumbe. As a result, David Marshall (Mount Edgcumbe Business Development Manager) has requested the assistance of the FoMECP to see if any of our members would be willing to take part in the exercise.
We have been informed that the evacuation exercise will take place on Sunday 26 November 2017 commencing at 9am from a number of locations around Plymouth. The FOST team have indicated that they are looking for up to 100 volunteers to board landing craft via a ramp on a beach at Mount Edgcumbe (no specific location given at this time) and then, seated on benches, transported to HMS Albion somewhere off Plymouth. When the landing craft arrives at HMS Albion, the craft and occupants will be winched on board, where volunteers will be fed (nothing specified as to what that will be) and given a tour of the ship before being returned to Mt Edgcumbe, by landing craft, at approximately 2 pm. We have thus far not been given any advice regarding restrictions to participate due to mobility issues, but we believe this exercise would not suit anyone who requires a wheelchair.
If having read the above and you would like to volunteer to take part in the evacuation exercise, Please email ged.edgcumbe@gmail.com  by 17 October

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